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Zou from the dating Camilla realized that she had lost her virginity, but she was absolutely sure that Matt is not guilty of this. When Zhu was nineteen years old, he intuitively felt that she was with a man was not close. And strict moral principles Matt stopped at the last moment. Oh, Matt, why, why? Strange, but Zhu did not understand, what is this "why": whether to the past, when he at the last moment refused to close with her, or to the present, when Matt could not resist the charms of Camilla. In his hand Zu turned a glass of water. There was a quiet, soothing voice hostess: - Have a drink, honey, drink water. Although it would be useful to a sip of brandy. You suddenly turned white as a sheet. I should not talk to you so abruptly. I did not consider what you really are suffering. Guest sipped from a glass. - Please, Hendzl, do not show me so much kindness, and I'll pay. I do not want to go to Tony blubbered eyes. I'll give him a ring and now. - Yes darling. I am very sad for us all. It is a pity that not everything turned out the way you wanted to. And even more I wish did not come true what I wanted - added Hendzl. In case you are interested to buy hearing aid from this Chennai hearing aid centre stop by - Thank you, - said Zou. What else could she? - Go look for Tony. But first, she went up to her for a box in which it was taken from the ring of a jewelry store. Putting a symbol of betrothal in the box, Zu put it in an envelope and wrote on it: "I'm sorry, Tony, that all had to do so. The contents of this envelope will explain everything to you. You do not need any words. "

Then the bride went to find Tony. As usual, he was in the garden. Zu silently handed him a thick envelope. Taking it, Tony read the writing, and opened the package. Sweep shoulders, he put the ring box in his pocket. - Good old Zou, who never because of what did not make a fuss! - Grinning, with a kind of bravado he spoke. - I never cease to be amazed how easily you all perceive. I was expecting fireworks anger and violent accusations. This is what is supposed to hear from him a bride. - In what, Tony? - She asked cautiously. - The fact that I got you into this crappy thing devonka. Forgive me. God, it sounds a little! But I beg you, Zu. I feel sorry for you, but I - selfish to the bone - and a little bit sorry for himself. Recently Nan said that your influence on me was beneficial, I became a lot better than I was before I met you. Maybe she's right. If we're married, you have, of course, could I do to alter. Well, now that everything turned out well, maybe it's better that we Camilla made from the same cloth. And you could say that I landed on both feet. Andre Dupont very rich. Camille his only granddaughter and receive a large inheritance. And if how to think my position can be truly envied. Quite unexpectedly, Tony left his cheerful and playful tone and asked seriously: - So why do I not feel any joy? Zhu did not dare to believe in the sense of just hear the words. It turns out that the father of Camille - he, Tony, and not Matt! Zu seemed that everyone around her has lost reality. No sex content, Без порно и порнухи, Трах картинки и эротика, как и проститутки запрещены

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